It's time yet again for another brief update on the state of the Sacramento real estate market! Let's jump right in.

Historically, April is when the inventory of homes in our region (and sales activity) starts to rise more sharply than the rise that comes with the busy first quarter. Indeed, both are happening right now as we head into the second quarter. Additionally, the prices of homes, especially those below $700k, continue to show healthy appreciation and interest rates remain very attractive, as they're close to all-time lows!

We could dive into the numbers all day, but we don't think it would be very helpful. Rather, what's important is for you to get a specific & detailed analysis done on your property. You only have so long to really make the most of an active market, as activity starts to die off at the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

It's crucial to keep an eye on the supply of inventory relative to demand. In the $200K-$300K If you price your home right, get it in good condition and market it well your home sale will be a successrange, we currently have only 1.2 months, while the $300K-$400K range is only 1.5 months! Remember, anything under 3 months of supply is an extremely favorable market to sellers - so there's no better time to list your home if you want to get top dollar and sell quickly. If you price your home well, get it in good condition, and market it well, your home sale will be a success!

If you have any real estate questions, or if you would like our assistance making the most of the market, give us a call or shoot us a quick email. We would love to help you!